DC Comics Has Its Own Spider-Man

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    luy says:

    Black Spider is a villain of Batman. Sometimes the authors of DC and Marvel make “homages” to certain characters of the rival editorial: Sentry (Marvel)/Hyperion (Marvel)/Superman (DC), Moon Knight (Marvel)/Nighthawk (Marvel)/Batman (DC), Quicksilver (Marvel)/Whizzer (Marvel)/Speed Demon (Marvel)/Flash (DC), Nova (Marvel)/Doctor Spectrum (Marvel)/Green Lantern (DC), Doctor Strange (Marvel)/Doctor Fate (DC), Man-Thing (Marvel)/Swamp Thing (DC), Scarecrow (this time Marvel didn’t even put some effort changing his name)/Mister Fear (Marvel)/Scarecrow (DC), etc. etc. etc.
    The originals tend to be in DC and the pastiches in Marvel.

    1. Frank Simon
      Frank Simon says:

      Thanks @luy for your comment, and that’s some pretty impressive character knowledge you have there! I keep Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange right next to each other in my brain and often forget for a minute which is DC and which is Marvel. What usually jogs my memory is that Superman might occasionally go to Doctor Fate for help if he’s hurt by magic.

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