Avengers Infinity War Trailer, 7 Things We Spotted

Whoa! Here’s the trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, set to release in May 2018. One wonders how this film is going to hold together, given that so, so many characters are involved. But if Captain America: Civil War (probably my favorite of the MCU films to date) is any indication, I think Marvel is up to the challenge. Based on this trailer, I think there’s a good chance that Avengers: Infinity War may well be everything that 2017’s Justice League was not.

Here are a few notable bits we noticed. These are in order of appearance in the trailer.

Avengers Infinity War: Vision

The Vision Can Make Himself Look More Human

It’s no surprise to see the Vision and Scarlet Witch get together, nor is it a shock that he looks an awful lot like Paul Bettany. I don’t recall ever seeing the Vision shape-shift into this much of a “regular guy” look, not that I’ve come anywhere close to reading every comic or seeing every piece of film that’s featured the character. But if his hardware and technologies allow it, and he wants to try out feeling more like a real live human being, why not explore this?

Avengers Infinity War: Spider-Sense

We’ll Get to See Peter’s Spider Sense

We didn’t see any real indication of Spider-Man’s spider sense in Spider-Man: Homecoming. There was enough going on in that film so that I didn’t really miss it. But it’s a pleasant surprise to see that the writers found a way to work it in here, and in a way that makes this sixth sense a little more relatable in a live action film, and less cartoony.

Avengers Infinity War: Thanos

Avengers Infinity War: Thanos

Thanos Looks Real

One thing that really disappointed me in 2017’s Justice League was that the main villain Steppenwolf was animated and rendered in such a way that didn’t look or feel grounded or real enough. All the heroes had (more or less) real, live filmed faces and human expressions, and Steppenwolf looked comparatively like a video game cinematic. And that made it hard to suspend my disbelief, I just couldn’t relate to the villain character at all. These shots of Thanos, on the other hand, look pretty convincing, like he has a nearly human face, with all the subtle and complex facial expressions that I assume (or I hope) were captured from Josh Brolin’s performance. You might argue that his face looks a little too human compared with images of Thanos from comics. But for me, that’s totally acceptable if the character really feels like a seamless part of the live action and has believable depth of expressive performance.

Avengers Infinity War: Spider-Man

Peter Will Wear the Iron Spider Suit

It looks like Spider-Man will be wearing a version of the Iron Spider suit that we saw briefly in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Certainly the suit appears to be more heavily armored than the first suit Tony Stark made for Peter, and his eyes glow. I wonder what features this suit might have in store for us. Will repulsor beams shoot from his eyes? Can the suit sprout four long spider legs from the back like the Iron Spider suit that Tony makes for Peter in the comics?

Avengers Infinity War: Four-Armed Baddies

Four-Armed Alien Baddies

I’ll admit that I don’t know that much about Thanos. I don’t know what these giant four-armed dudes are called, or if they’re from the comics or made up for these films, or somewhere in between. But either way, they look to be formidable foes and I think we’re in for some action-packed fight sequences.

Avengers Infinity War: Vision

The Vision is Overpowered

Clearly, Thanos succeeds in prying the infinity stone from The Vision’s forehead. What we don’t know is what affect this has on the Vision. Does it kill him? Does he survive, but in a much weaker state? I hope he isn’t destroyed, The Vision is one of my favorite Avengers characters, extremely powerful and very interesting.

Avengers Infinity War: Iron Man

Is Iron Man’s Armor Enhanced

It’s not unusual to see new variations in Iron Man’s armor. In fact, it’s expected with any new comic storyline or film. We only see Tony in full armor a few times in this trailer, but I do see some small glowing areas in out-of-the-ordinary spots. Does Iron Man use tesseract or infintiy stone power to juice up his suit? These might be nothing, but I think it’s a fair speculation.

What Did You Think?

How do you feel about the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War? Are there any details that jumped out or excited you? Is there anything that you didn’t see in the trailer that you hope to see in the film? Drop us a line in the comments, we’d love to hear from you. And thanks for reading SuperheroScifiStuff.


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