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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Mid-Season Trailer

In this mid-season trailer for season 3 of Star Wars Rebels, we see a lot of new action sequences featuring our regular crew, and it looks like they’re in for a few tangles with Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the opening of trailer, Ezra appears to

Iron Fist Teaser Trailer from Marvel and Netflix

This teaser trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist was revealed an Comic-Con in New York. I don’t know a ton about Danny Rand or the Iron Fist character. But I’m hoping this series will rival the quality of recent series brought to us by Netflix and

Supergirl Season 2 “Sky” Trailer

In this new trailer for Supergirl season 2, we get a brief glimpse, more of a tease, really, of Kara and Superman teaming up. There’s barely 20 seconds of action here, so don’t blink or you could miss it. This is one of our first

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Recap

Get ready for Star Wars Rebels season 3 by watching this great refresher on everything that happened in Star Wars Rebels season 2 from Disney XD. We can’t wait to see what Kanan and Ezra and the whole Ghost crew have been up to. And

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent / Superman in Supergirl

First Look at Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent in Supergirl

Tyler Hoechlin has been tapped to play Clark Kent / Superman in the Supergirl television series (originally on CBS, now on CW). You may remember Hoechlin, as we do, from MTV’s Teen Wolf. Tyler Hoechlin made a good werewolf. He has dark hair and piercing eyes.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Who is Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Ever since first seeing the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer, I’ve been wondering who this mysterious Grand Admiral Thrawn is. Well, he’s mysterious to me. Mysterious and more interesting, perhaps, because the more I look into the matter, the more I find that there

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer

We still have more than a month to wait for the third season of Star Wars Rebels to begin. But after the second season finished so strong with Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka battling Maul, and even Vader himself, I’m really looking forward to it. With Ezra clearly

The Flash Season 3 Trailer

Take a look at this jam-packed trailer for the third season of The Flash. This trailer was first seen at Comic Con 2016. It’s looking like we’ll see Barry alter the main timeline of the show – saving his mother from being killed when he

DC Comics Black Spider

DC Comics Has Its Own Spider-Man

I recently watched through the Young Justice series (which I recommend, by the way). One of many things to like about the series is that it occasionally would bring in obscure characters that I’d not known of before. One of these characters appeared in Young