Supergirl Season 2 “Sky” Trailer

In this new trailer for Supergirl season 2, we get a brief glimpse, more of a tease, really, of Kara and Superman teaming up. There’s barely 20 seconds of action here, so don’t blink or you could miss it. This is one of our first chances to see Tyler Hoechlin in action as Superman. It looks like Clark and Kara are saving some sort of spacecraft – we’re assuming from a crash. One of the best parts of the pilot episode of Supergirl was a sequence that had Kara stopping a jet from crashing — a jet that her sister was on. Hopefully this sequence in season 2 won’t just be more of the same; hopefully it will be a similarly successful and thrilling action sequence, and hopefully the story will be woven together in such a way that we’ll feel present with the heroes and with the citizens witnessing them. Take a look at the trailer, and leave us a comment with your reactions!



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