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Supergirl Livewire

Supergirl Episode 4 ‘Livewire’ Recap

The fourth episode of CBS’s Supergirl introduces us to Livewire, a villain who can conduct and control electricity, and seems to be made of electric current herself, or at least can transform easily between that and a physical state. This may remind you of Electro,

Fan-Made Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back

Take a look at this fan-made trailer for The Empire Strikes Back that we learned about via io9. It takes a modern approach that feels effectively more heavy and works well. Especially compared to the original trailer, which is narrated by Harrison Ford. Not as

Supergirl Pilot Episode Recap

Supergirl Pilot Episode Recap

The Supergirl pilot episode was about what I expected. Maybe even a little bit better than I expected. Yes, it’s a prime-time network TV teen drama. But this pilot episode includes enough action to stay interesting, and the storyline was tight enough that I didn’t

Supergirl First Season Trailer

As the pilot for the CBS Supergirl series airs, here’s a trailer that shows us some of the action we can expect to see over the course of the first season. Watch for yourself, or check out these action-packed screens that we’ve stacked up for

Joker Suicide Squad Empire Magazine

A Look at Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad

This week Empire magazine gives us a new look at Jared Leto’s “psycho killer” Joker, as we can expect to seem him in next year’s Suicide Squad. Looking to be somewhere between Heath Ledger’s dark, gritty Joker, and the more manic, exaggerated Joker as portrayed by

Killer Frost Danielle Panabaker

Killer Frost Coming to CW’s The Flash

It seems evident that somehow Dr. Caitlyn Snow (portrayed by Danielle Panabaker) will become Killer Frost for the CW’s The Flash. Whether this transformation is temporary or permanent remains to be seen. Will Killer Frost she’ll go full-on bad guy on us? Will she become that bad-sometimes, good-sometimes semi-love

Batman v Superman Armor

Batman Armor in Batman v Superman is CGI

As written in the Total Film December issue, Batman’s armor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be rendered using CGI. This is hardly shocking, as we’ve all seen some pretty realistic metal suits of armor in all the Iron Man films. It’s a

Micronauts Space Glider

Micronauts Movie Material

I’ve heard that there’s a new script in the works for a Micronauts movie. I’ve even heard that J. J. Abrams might be attached to the project. While the Micronauts might not seem like a plausible subject for a film at first, it’s not so