Watch Six Minutes of Supergirl, new from CBS

Not from the CW, surprisingly, but from CBS comes the new Supergirl show. I can’t say that I have extremely high hopes for this show, judging from other light teen superhero dramas of recent years. I never watched Smallville religiously, but I did sit through many an episode that may as well have been Dawson’s Creek in the hopes that they’d let Clark throw a tractor or jump to the top of a water tower or do something else remotely super. I watched Arrow for a while, but gave up after too many episodes had barely any action. On the other hand, the current version of the Flash from the CW is pretty watchable, if only for the fact that the show focuses mostly on good guys and bad guys, crimes and cops. Sure, the group dynamic and relationships of the characters are a big part of the show, but not so much that it keeps Barry Allen from running so fast you can’t see him in more scenes than not. Let’s hope that all-American-girl-next-door Melissa Benoist is spending more time figuring out how to fly and to rescue crashing jets than she is wallowing in her millennial career angst or worrying about what to wear on a first date. Up, up, and away.

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