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Supergirl Episode 10 ‘Childish Things’ Recap

Supergirl season one, episode 10 introduces us to this telling’s version of Toyman. In the opening sequences, we see Winslow Schott (yes, Toyman) break out of maximum security prison. We also get to see J’Onn J’Onzz giving Kara a brief flight lesson, and then we begin

Supergirl Livewire

Supergirl Episode 4 ‘Livewire’ Recap

The fourth episode of CBS’s Supergirl introduces us to Livewire, a villain who can conduct and control electricity, and seems to be made of electric current herself, or at least can transform easily between that and a physical state. This may remind you of Electro,

Supergirl Pilot Episode Recap

Supergirl Pilot Episode Recap

The Supergirl pilot episode was about what I expected. Maybe even a little bit better than I expected. Yes, it’s a prime-time network TV teen drama. But this pilot episode includes enough action to stay interesting, and the storyline was tight enough that I didn’t

Watch Six Minutes of Supergirl, new from CBS

Not from the CW, surprisingly, but from CBS comes the new Supergirl show. I can’t say that I have extremely high hopes for this show, judging from other light teen superhero dramas of recent years. I never watched Smallville religiously, but I did sit through many