Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Mid-Season Trailer

If you haven’t been following Star Wars Rebels, get caught up quick. Even while we’re still knee-deep in the wake of The Force Awakens, this trailer for the second half of season two of Star Wars Rebels is really exciting. Give it a watch, and we’ll talk about why we think this is so great.

Come on. This trailer features Darth Vader and Ahsoka, both of whom we’ve seen in the series, but it’s awesome to see more of Vader’s backstory fleshed out, and there’s great potential for Ahsoka to be a part of that, as we saw in The Clone Wars series, which ended too soon. Plus, here we get to see Yoda, and even Anakin himself (as a hologram, but still). For our money, The Clone Wars is the only series to have shown us a great version of what the Anakin character can be, an unusually gifted Jedi, who we can understand and root for, who may eventually take some wrong turns, but who’s point of view we can understand.

As much as it looks like Star Wars Rebels will give us a few more hints at Anakin’s story, it looks like we’ll see how Ezra may begin to wrestle with the force as well. At one point we see a mysterious figure approaching Kanan, and we hear a voice say “the dark side … it pulls at him … it calls to him.” I’m assuming the voice is referring to Ezra, though it’s possible that it could be referring to Kana or even Anakin (in some sort of flashback). We also see Ezra approach a cloaked figure who seems to be saying “you seek knowledge … call me old master.” Who’s under the cloak? It kind of looks like Darth Maul under there, doesn’t it? That’s just a guess.

Finally, as was teased in an earlier episode, we get to see Ahsoka confront her old master. But first it seems like they’re able to connect telepathically through the force, and that Ahsoka can still perceive Vader as Anakin. We have high hopes for these sequences; as much as Revenge of the Sith scripted and spelled out Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader for us, we saw it, but never really felt it enough. Hopefully the great team behind The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels can fill in some of the emotional blanks for us.

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