Martian Manhunter Flies in Supergirl Sneak Peek

In this new ‘Sneak Peek’ clip from CBS series Supergirl, we get our first good look at J’onn J’onzz in action (well, in flight at least). Take a look:

It looks like he’s giving Kara some sort of training, beginning with a flight lesson. I’m really glad that the Martian Manhunter is being included in a fairly prominent role in this series, he’s a great character. I’m a little bummed that the producers didn’t seem to make the costume and makeup for the character a high priority. I’m sure it would be a tall order to go full CG with his face and head, but the makeup and costume here look inconsistent with the production level of the rest of the show. Not quite down to Power Rangers level, but, obviously that’s what’s coming to mind. Plus, I find it odd that in this scene the Martian Manhunter is using the full “fists out front” Superman flying pose; I’d expect Kara to be flying that way. Instead, she has her arms back, in more of a posture of “I’m floating effortlessly” – that’s how I’d expect J’onn to be flying. Either way, it’s great to see more of the Martian Manhunter here, and hopefully we’ll see even more of him in episodes to come.

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